HODLit airdrop


This is a bit complicated type of airdrop so be careful. Please note that:

- Website could be very slow some times and even throw some errors (e.g. 502 Bat gateway) so please be patient and keep refreshing page until dashboard page is loaded.
- You need to have some ETH in your account for the GAS fees. GAS fee is 250000.
- Claim has been tested and is not scam. It will work if you have enough balance for the fees. Transaction processing could take some time though.

Visit website and login (register). You can either connect with Twitter or with email/password. Since connecting your Twitter account will be required in order to claim your tokens, is better if you login with Twitter.

Complete all tasks until you get all 160 HIT tokens (worth ~$65). Enter your ETH address at the bottom area of the page to get the required info for completing the transaction. Please watch the video carefully on how to claim and get the tokens.